About Us

Captrain Portugal S.A., originally called Takargo, appears as the first Portuguese private operator in rail freight transport.

It is committed to implement a culture of excellence focused on customer satisfaction, valuing employees, complying with safety rules, and following good environmental practices.

Our 2023 key figures

Trains performed
Tons transported
Kms travelled in Portugal
Kms in the Iberian Peninsula


Captrain offers a unique set of services across Europe.
With deep experience, we at Captrain offer a full suite of sustainable services that include international traction, on-site rail logistics, and sophisticated transport concepts tailored to our customers' needs.

Rolling Stock

Combining the technical capacity of its staff, ambition, and strong unconditional support from the shareholder, it was possible to turn the company into a benchmark in intermodal logistics operations.

Captrain Portugal currently operates a vast set of locomotives, wagons and intermodal transport units, both owned and leased, with emphasis on its fleet of Euro 4000 interoperable diesel-electric locomotives, which allows it to offer highly competitive Iberian services.


Captrain is a key player in the rail transport and logistics
ecosystem, leveraging its unique network to serve key
international corridors as well as domestic markets in Western
and Central Europe.
It also plays a fundamental role in the modal shift from road to
rail, being the partner of choice for intermodal operators and
logistics providers in the main international corridors.